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between her german voters who do not favor bailing out europe and the european union. best politician, angela. you got it? you can write that down. pat, put it in your column. worst politician. >> susan rice. she was fed these phony talking points by the cia. she went on a defensive. and president obama left her, john, twisting slowly, slowly in the wind. she's gone. >> she'll still be our u.n. ambassador, though, pat. i give worst politician to mitt romney who never quite came across as human. and he lost. in part, because of his personality. >> she is going to stand you up, ambassador? >> yes. >> herm an cain again because a man who runs for the presidency who didn't think that his personal life would ultimately blow up presidency. >> does he have a job? >> he does. i don't know that he has -- >> he is a great -- he has a great future in talk-radio, i am sure. >> clarence, something for us? >> yes. worst politician, clint eastwood, although he is a good actor. >> this is very domestic. i will though it out on a larger scale for you. does that help you any, pat? worst politician 2
at a meeting of the organization for security and cooperation in europe, known as the ocof sce, and margaret brennan is covering for us tonight. margaret. >> reporter: well, scott, officials familiar with those talks say the russians now think that bashar al-assad may not survive the war, and they want to have influence in syria if his regime falls, or if he loses control of the chemical weapons inside of his country. u.s. officials are particularly concerned that those weapons could fall into the hands of an al qaeda affiliate active within syria. >> pelley: so what's coming next? >> reporter: well, it's a start to a new round of diplomacy. the russians have refused to meet for months, but this is not a breakthrough. the russians are signaling they're willing to help with the political transition, but they are still officially supporting assad. secretary clinton says the russians have refused to give him asylum. other countries have offered, but so far, he is not negotiating his exit. assad has vowed to fight to the death. >> pelley: margaret, thank you. when the syrian people first rose up
: clinton develops a stomach virus was on that trip to europe and had to cancel a subsequent visit to morocco. a few days later back in the u.s. she fainted and fell. her aides say it was the result of dehydration. on december 15 the state department announced that clinton had sustained a concussion in that fall. doctors recommended, quote, that the secretary continue to rest and avoid any strenuous activity and strongly advised her to cancel all work events for the coming week. clinton canceled the december 20 appearance before a congressional committee to testify about the attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi. she also missed the december 21 nomination of senator john kerry to succeed her. on december 27, the state department announced that clinton would return to work in the new year. it was three days later when her spokesperson said she had been hospitalized. secretary clinton had a blood clot once before in 1998 as first lady. she said she developed one in her leg from her nonstop flying around the country. as secretary of state that nonstop travel continued. she visited 11
. storm you had a westerner, someone who had a passport. he could travel in europe and someone who wouldn't have fit the typical security profiles. >> storm had no doubt that his efforts led to the death of awlaki. while this story might be true, there are a lot of people involved in these operations. >> absolutely. i think there's never a single piece to the puzzle in finding a terrorist like anwar awlaki. there's usually multiple angles, sources, multiple ways for intelligent services finding people like him. no doubt there were operatives giving information, giving information, but that's how intelligence works, happens. it's putting pieces of a puzzle together. thichg that's what happened here in finding and killing anwar al awlaki. >> i was fascinated they he would want a western bride. it makes sense why he's got western recruits. but western brides as well? >> keep in mind he was born in the united states, made his name in the jihadi circle as a western voice for the movement, and so to have a western wife or western-based wife was probably helpful to him. he was probably looking f
adult life in europe hanging out with people who think it's wacky to be locking up people for smoking pot. >> reporter: in a show from amsterdam, steves gave a preview of what could soon be coming to cities and towns in washington. >> throughout the netherlands, bars selling marijuana are called coffee shops. amsterdam alone has over 300. >> reporter: he says america should not fear. >> consumption is not going to go up a lot. by every statistic, our government and the dutch government, americans smoke more pot than the dutch, and the dutch have the most liberal laws on pot in all of europe. >> reporter: seattle's city attorney peter holmes also pushed for the new law. >> all we've done is achieve by prohibition is fill our jails and make drug dealers quite rich. >> reporter: he says legal marijuana even with high taxes will be cheaper than illegal marijuana. >> want to put the drug dealers out of business? >> absolutely. >> reporter: now that marijuana is legal here in washington, the state is going to start collecting taxes on it. the state hopes to raise some $500 million al year.
challenging. >> schieffer: i know europe a coffee drinker. have you been able to drink coffee? >> no, i'm thoroughly uncalfinated right now. and it's a terrible state of human existence. i don't see how people do it. look, this has been a difficulty for me for just one week but it's a reality for americans for months at a time. i have a social media platform called waywire, where people are posting their own experiences on this, which-- and a really amazing testimony from americans. this is a daily reality. so in this time in our country where we see a decoupling between economic growth creating wealth for some but a real decoupling as wages decline. you have families whose wage wages have frozen or dropping, still working the same amount of hours, working 22 jobs and still find themselves dependent on programs like food stamps and snap, and if we cut these programs we cast them into food insecurity, which does have a long-term deleterious effect on our economy, especially as we send kids to school nutritionally unfit to learn and military families who sacrifice so much for us and veter
, verifying what they have passed on, which is severe dehydration after that whirlwind trip through europe. i was along with her on that. and it was quite a hectic scheduled. after that, the stomach bug, which others had, also, on the trip. overcame her, and she suffered this concussion. it's not clear when she's capitocoming back. >> margaret, even people in the billion don't know. even people at the top levels of that department are also getting their news from the statements, know very little about what she's doing, how she's doing. and what a twist for her. this amazing run, unquestioned praisefor four years, and all of a sudden this bad report, sort of weird absence, politico today reporting that chelsea clinton troops in take a higher role in the next months. she's been doing some charity work through the clinton foundation sandy recovery. > recovery. >> schieffer: what is she going to do? is she going to run for something, too? >> a lot of democrats hoped she would run fair congressional seat. we're told that's not the case. but she'll be out there sort of as the clinton face, as-- >>
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change, a hair-dressing set. that's not some obscure toy store. it's one of the largest in europe and part of the toys are us empire. you wouldn't see that kind of gender-bending mass marketing in america, right? the author of pink and blue. she says the only reason we think of boys in bluees and girls in pink is because of mass marketing. in the 1920s a common custom babies with brown eyes wore pink. baby with blue eyes wore blue. their gender didn't matter. parents didn't focus on it like they do today. we talk about mask lint and femininity. they didn't believe babies had that. they believed there was something that emerged. >> parents dressed boys and girls the same in their younger years and it didn't seem to harm the kids. >> this little boy's mother put him in something that looks like a dress. he grew up to be our 32nd president franklin d. roosevelt. >> but manufacturers began too realize if they can agree on how to separate clothing and toys by gender they could sell more to everyone. pink and blue could have gone the other way. there was a good bit of pink on men in the
at the end of the runway. they've done it in europe. you're going to save money, time chemicals. >> how about hotels, peter? >> this is my gift for the hotel. 100 1rks 50 watt, and 200 watt light bulbs. do not trap me with mood lighting. you put me with mood lighting i'm in a bad mood. people do not change their lifestyle. i like to read in my room. like to be able to see in my room. so new light bulbs. >> i'm going to try to push you over the travel cliff by talking about cruise lines. what should they be doing. >> very simple. more sea, less ports. i'm a big fan of the time you spend at sea. i think there's nothing less desirable being in a straw hat trapped on a bus going to a kilo indication. >> where everybody's sent. >> you don't have to always be herded on and off the ship. >> how about travelers? >> no more entitlement issues. you're not entitled to anything other than to be nice. the person who works for that airport or airline, they've been abused by their own company. you know what? once you're nice, they mary you. >> it takes no energy. >> and do what my mother always told me, wri
through europe. that virus led to extreme dehydration which caused her to famt and sustain a concussion. according to doctors at george washington university medical hospital, she's been recuperating at home since early december. she also suffered a blood clot in her knee when she was first lady. in her autobiography, she said her doctors contribute it to her non-stop flying. it's only increased. illness has sidelined clinton during her final days as secretary of state causing her to cancel a december 20th hearing on the benghazi attack. >> he has a deep respect for the men and women of the state department. >> clinton's last public appearance was december 7th in belfast, northern i ireland. she spoke then about her upcoming retirement and looked forward to relaxing and thinking about things beside a public life. in a statement released last night, secretary clinton's spokesperson said the doctors will continue to assess her condition including other issues associated with her concussion and will determine if any further action is required. and when asked if secretary clinton is still a
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11